“If Apple made a laptop desk, it would probably look like this.”



Mobile Workspace

Laptop Heat Protection

Phone & Tablet Dock

Mousepad & Writing Space


Hover X+

Ultimate Gaming Experience



Comfy Lite

Ergonomic Padded Workspace


Extended Lightweight Workspace



For the past 5-years, we've been perfecting the science and art of Mobile LapDesks


Designed for professionals, gamers, students, and anyone who uses a laptop.

For home, apartment, dorm, and remote


Essential Laptop Accessory

iSkelter LapDesks are household accessories, bringing form and function to our daily lives. Each model is practical, aesthetically stunning, and most importantly – they increase the efficiency of our laptops.


Material is everything


We developed two unique blends of bamboo with unsurpassed aesthetics and premium quality that offer social benefits to renewable farming.

“...An ergonomic way to use your laptop wherever you go. The desk is made from lightweight, eco-friendly bamboo and has both a built-in mousepad and a display dock for your phone or tablet. Along with holes for air ventilation...”

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Slate Color

Colorful Mobile Desk Space

Comfy Lite

Large Padded Workspace


The Original LapDesk


Versatile and Lightweight Workspace

Hover X

The Ultimate Gaming Experience


Mobile Friendly Cooling Pad